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Talley's Folly depicts one night in the lives of two unlikely sweethearts, Matt Friedman and Sally Talley. The one-act play is set in an boathouse near rural Lebanon, Missouri in 1944. It is a romantic comedy following the characters Matt  and Sally as they settle their feelings for each other. Wilson received the 1980 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the work. The play is unlike Wilson's other works, taking place in one act with no intermission, set in ninety-seven minutes of real time, with no set change.

The Cast: Jessica Alden, Bryan Hertwick, Caitlin Kelly and Ludwig Puchmayer.

Director Brandon MacDaniel says, "Lanford Wilson is a wonderful playwright who is not performed often enough. I'm so pleased to bring this story of two misfits who find each other to life at the Vortex."
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