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How I Learned to Drive Auditions
March 9-10, 2024

By Paula Vogel
Directed by Theresa A. Carson

Audition times:
Saturday, March 9, 2024 10 am-12 noon
Sunday, March 10, 2024 5:30-6:30 pm


Paula Vogel's groundbreaking and controversial play which tells the story of a young girl who grows up in a complex and sexually abusive relationship with her uncle in 1960's Maryland. The play follows the young girl, Lil' Bit, from her adolescence through college years and ends with her as a thirty-something adult. Although Lil' Bit and her uncle share a mutual understanding and care deeply for one another, the years of manipulation and sexual confusion eventually drive them apart and wreak havoc on both of their lives.

A wildly funny, surprising, and devastating tale of survival as seen through the lens of a troubling relationship between a young girl and an older man. How I Learned to Drive is the story of a woman who learns he rules of the road and life behind the wheel.

Looking for:

We are looking for courageous and fearless actors who want to create a show for an audience who, in playwright Paula Vogel's words, "...still believe that it is important to sit together in a darkened theatre to witness what happens in our midst so that we may change it for the next generation."

Not everyone will be called for every rehearsal. Director can work around conflicts, so please bring your schedule and all conflicts to the auditions.


Li'l Bit. A woman who ages 40ish to eleven years old. Looking for actor aged 25 – 35.

Uncle Peck. Attractive man presenting as forties/early fifties; could be aged 35 – 55.

The Greek chorus are an integral part of this production. They play several roles and are on stage for the entirety of the show.

Male Greek Chorus. Plays Grandfather, Waiter, High School Boys. Looking for actor aged 30s – 40s.

Female Greek Chorus. Plays Mother, Aunt Mary, High School Girls. Looking for actor aged 30s – 40s.

Teenage Greek Chorus (Female). Plays Grandmother, High School Girls, and the voice of 11-year-old Li'l Bit. Looking for actor aged in 20s, presenting on the younger side if possible.

The Vortex Theatre, 2900 Carlisle Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

Format: By appointment. Please prepare a 60-90 second contemporary monologue

Special instructions: If you do not have a monologue prepared, please do not let this deter you from auditioning. There will be monologues available for you to read when you arrive. Just arrive early to give yourself time to look them over. You may also be asked to read a short scene from the script during your 15-minute slot.

Sunday, March 10 from 7-9 pm. We will read scenes from the play which will be posted the week of auditions.

Show dates: May 17-June 2, 2024

Rehearsals start: March 25, 2024. Generally Sunday-Thursday evenings, with some changes according to actors' schedules.

Contact for further information: The stage manager (Linnea) at

Click  here to make an Audition appointment:

Click a Sign up link to schedule an appointment.

By appointment. Please prepare a 60-90 second contemporary monologue

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