Directing Proposals

The Vortex Theatre is now accepting directing proposals for its 2024 Season of live plays. If you would like to propose to direct a play, please complete the form below. Alternatively, you can email the same information to

The submissions window will close August 1, 2023. If you have questions, please email

A confirmation email will be sent to this address. You must click a confirmation link in that email to complete your submission.

Number of men and women. If there are more than 6, are there opportunities for double casting?

What might you use instead? How? Why?

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The Vortex is a blackbox theatre with moveable seatbanks. There are 6 basic seat bank configurations (See: Theatre specs and seatbank designs.pdf). Please consider which will work best for your production. Configurations can extend the set design, involve the audience with the action, connect the audience and actors, define an historical period – what will your choice do?

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Why are you passionate to share the story? How will it affect the audience and the actors to be a part of it? What do you want the audience to leave with? What do you want your creative team to take away from this experience?

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Tell us more about what you want to see on stage regarding the design components. You may also present images that have inspired your design ideas. Please review our production budget at Production budget framework.xlsx. Tell us how your design ideas will work with the budget.

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We can help you find designers, if need be.

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PDF or DOCX only. Resume max filesize: 2MB

PDF or DOCX only. Script max filesize: 48 MB

HINT: Is your scanned PDF too large? Try reducing your scanner's resolution setting. 300 dots per inch (dpi) is best for text.

Or include a URL to an online script:

If accepted, The Vortex Theatre will produce the play; i.e. pay royalties, provide publicity and facilities (with supervision), staff the box office, provide a budget to cover materials, paint, costumes, etc., and provide honorariums for the designers, director and stage manager. Honorarium schedule.pdf

We cannot design or build your set, design lights or construct costumes, though we can help you find people for these jobs. You must recruit your own crew. (Again, we can help.) A liaison will be appointed by the Board to work with you.