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New Play Readings

The Vortex has produced numerous national and international premieres in its 48-year history, many of these by New Mexico Playwrights. In our efforts to locate fresh opportunities and to support the development of new works, we regularly present semi-staged readings of new works followed by feedback sessions with the playwright and director.

JOIN US May 26 at 6:00 pm!

Suggested donation $5



by Vicki Meagher

Directed by Barry Hazen

A woman with a fierce attachment to individual freedom finds herself in a reeducation camp established by a totalitarian regime. Three other "students" are in her class, taught by a complex man who is not necessarily who he seems to be.

Other upcoming readings dates: July 14, September 15, December 1

If you are a playwright, interested in hearing your work, please email and attach a copy of your script.



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