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New Play Readings

The Vortex has produced numerous national and international premieres in its 48-year history, many of these by New Mexico Playwrights. In our efforts to locate fresh opportunities and to support the development of new works, we regularly present semi-staged readings of new works followed by feedback sessions with the playwright and director.

JOIN US September 1 at 6:00 pm!

Suggested donation $5


Billy Joel Holds the Key to the Afterlife

by Tess Light

Directed by Leslee Richards

Frances and Leo met, loved, married, hated, and divorced before their daughter Carmen was ever born, and then spent decades after locked in a battle for control — with Carmen as the battleground. So fierce is their competition that they even die almost simultaneously, leaving Carmen to weave together a family history using the only thread she’s got: their mutual love of Billy Joel. And while the Hindu deity Ganesha orchestrates the paths this family must take towards acceptance, Frances and Leo are stuck -- together -- in Limbo.

Other upcoming readings dates:  September 15, December 1

If you are a playwright, interested in hearing your work, please email and attach a copy of your script.


The Farolitos of Christmas

Performing November 22 - December 22, 2024


The Farolitos of Christmas tells the story of Luz, a 12-year-old girl in 1944 San Juan, New Mexico, who is determined to save the holiday traditions while her Papa is at war, her Abuelo is sick and her Mama is working long hours. By Rudolfo Anaya. Performed at the Vortex November 22 - December 22.


Children's auditions July 28 10 am - 12:30 pm

Adult auditions July 28 12:30 - 3:30 pm


At the Vortex Theatre 2900 Carlisle NE


The Director, Ray Rey Griego, will see any child willing to sing and speak Spanish.

Available roles:


Children: Chicano(a)/Latino(a):

Luz: Age 12 (She/Her) 

Enrique: Age 13 (He/Him)

Reina: Age 12 (She/Them)

Carmen Age 8-16 (She/Them)

Rita Age 8-16 (She/Them)

Elisa Age 8-16 (She/Them)

Ruben Age 8-16 (She/Them)

Antonio Age 8-16 (She/Them)

Lorenzo Age 8-16(She/Them) 

Andres Age 8-16 (She/Them)



Maria: Age 28-42 (She/Her) (Chicana)

Miss Bloom: 20-50 (She/Her) (White)



Juan:Age 28-42 (He/Him)

Don Vicente: 46-66 (He/Him)

Ramon: Age 28-42 (He/Them)

Father Felix: Age 35-65 (He/Him)

Don Paco: Age 46-66 (He/Him)

Captain Riley: Age 28-42 (He/Him)


Open to any Gender:

Don Manuel 



Please note, that we will cast understudies/ swings. 


The roles of Doña Josephina and Doña Gregorita have been cast. 

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