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OR LEAVE A MESSAGE on the Vortex' phone system at 505-247-8600.


1. How much are tickets?

General admission tickets are $24. Students and SAG/AFTRA member tickets are $19.  Thursday performances are Bring a Friend/Share a ticket and offer two for one pricing ONLY when two people come together. 

2. What if I need special accommodations - for a wheel chair or limited mobility?

Please call and leave a message on the Vortex phone - 505-247-8600 - stating the performance you will be attending and your need. Alternatively, you can email  We will do our best to make you comfortable.

3. How do I use a Flex or Season Ticket?

On the ShowTix4U ticketing website, choose Flex or Season Pass. When you are given the choice of payment method, choose Cash (The system automatically defaults to Credit Card and if left as Credit Card, it will want payment.)

4. What if I bought a ticket but I can't use it?

If you are unable to attend a performance for which you have purchased a ticket and you let us know before the performance that you will be unable to attend, we will refund your purchase or move it to another performance date. 

5. Where should I park?

Overflow parking is available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at the Archery Shop property directly north of the Vortex.

On Sunday afternoons, overflow parking is available at Viet Com Restaurant, across Los Alamos south of the Vortex.

6. Can I buy a Season Ticket?

Season tickets are available by contacting or call 505-247-8600.

7. What's a Flex Pass?

A Flex Pass allows you to purchase 6 tickets at a time and receive a discount. You can use those tickets in any combination for performances - use all 6 at one show, use 2 tickets for 3 shows, or 3 tickets for two shows - it's up to you.

Other Questions? Please call the Vortex at 505-247-8600.

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